Mini Goldendoodles

What is the difference between Mini and Medium Goldendoodles?

When someone hears about mini Goldendoodles, often they are intrigued by not only the breed but the immediate thought of relief when it comes to size and the amount of shedding. Goldendoodles Associations Of North America considers the mini size is typically between 26 - 36lbs and height: over 14" but under 17" (35cm to 42cm) at the wither... which makes them a delightfully smart, fun, and quirky companion. 


These smaller versions of doodles can make anyone’s life easier. They are easier to travel with, very portable, and the compact size of the mini Goldendoodle makes them more manageable for some families. They are less likely to knock over a child, easy to control on a leash, and it can be helpful for owners to pick them up when needed. Even though these mini fur friends might be smaller than the average doodle, they give just as much love and affection to their owners. They are actually proven to be very devoted to those who take care of them, so as long as you don’t enjoy personal space without a furry companion intruding, the mini Goldendoodles are a great addition to your family. 


Fully grown medium Goldendoodles are typically anywhere from 36 - 50lbs and height: over 17" but under 21" (43cm to 52cm) at the wither. This can be a great fit for families who still want a manageable size when it comes to traveling, walking on a leash, and medium sized cuddles but who also want those laidback qualities of a standard doodle. These medium Goldendoodles don’t shed as much as you’d think. Just because they are bigger than mini doodles, they still shed far less hair than your average Golden which makes them much more manageable in your household. They are still easy to pick up when needed and they are more likely to keep up with you when you go on your daily walks/hikes. 


If you are active and love to go on jogs or walks, this dog might be the best fit for you as they enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures. They have loyal personalities who enjoy being next to their owners whenever they seek the chance. Medium Goldendoodles are intelligent, friendly, trainable, and affectionate. 


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