Ethical Breeder

What is an Ethical Breeder?

It’s important for you to do your homework and to know what an ethical breeder is when picking out your future fur friend. Just because you hear the term “Breeder” it’s easy for people to associate that with the dangerous and not so responsible breeders that exist out in the world. 


Being an ethical breeder means that we care. We care about making sure that the facilities are always clean and spacious. The dogs are healthy and well socialized, and that they are handled lovingly and daily. An ethical breeder provides complete, accurate, and honest health certificates form both the parents and the puppies. They ensure their puppies are exposed to new sounds, new people, children, and other animals. An ethical breeder strives to produce dogs with great temperament and raise their puppies in a manner that promotes confident social behavior. 


At Elm Tree Doodles, it is our passion and commitment to provide you with a pet that fits you and your family’s needs at best.