Elm Tree Pet Puppy Price
A Doodle is worth every penny 



The price for a pet puppy is $4,000 Plus 13% tax.

This price is for a pet puppy only and does not reflect the cost if you're interested in a breeding dog. All pets are sold on a non-breeding contract. 

Elm Tree Doodles, the breeder and seller has the right to cancel or refuse to sell a puppy at anytime and return deposit if we feel it is not in best interest of the puppy.

What is included with your puppy?

  • - A complete exam from our licensed veterinarian

  • - Age appropriate vaccination

  • - Deworming every two weeks from birth

  • - Micro-chipped (M4SID) implanted 

  • - 3 year health guarantee against life threatening genetic diseases

  • - OFA Hip Certificate of both parents showing no evidence of Hip Dysplasia

  • - Genetic Disease and Coat testing for both parents

  • - 4 weeks Trupanion puppy insurance coverage

  • - Early litter/bathroom training at 4 weeks of age 

  • - A very well socialized puppy

  • - Puppies come home crate trained

  • - Basic puppy training has been started. Puppies will begin learning how to sit with             verbal command and wait

  • - Puppy Culture - Training program

  • - Early neurological stimulation

  • - We will also expose them to wearing a collar & walking with a leash

  • - Exposing the puppies to Grooming & Bathing, nail trimming, brushing, blow drying   

  • - Lifetime breeder support

Waiting list:


  •  Puppies are matched in the order that deposits are received. Should your circumstances change or if a suitable puppy does not become available. the consultation fee is transferable to a different litter within a 12 month time line from the day you place your deposit, but is not refundable. If your selected litter does not result in a successful pregnancy, you'll be rolled over to the next available litter. If I don't have an available puppy for you within the 6 month timeline of your selected litter, then i will return your consultation fee.

  •  Puppies are matched in the order that deposits are place,  puppy selection is completed on puppy pick up day. Unfortunately I can't guarantee gender, so you must be open to either gender. We also cannot guarantee exact color or coat.

  •  Elm Tree reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned. If a different stud is used we will make every effort to ensure that the same size are expected in the litter.

  • Elm Tree also reserves the right to keep puppies back for our breeding program, Not all puppies in each litter are available for pets.

  • Please be aware that upcoming litters depend on Mother Nature and she often has a mind of her own! As a result, the timing of a heat cycle of expected litters does not always work out exactly as planned, note that not all females conceive when we bred.

  • Once your litter has been born, you'll receive an e-mail with details about the litter and puppy pick up dates to mark on your calendar. Once you conceived confirmation that your reserved litter has been born you'll  have 48 hours to decide if you will be staying on the current litter list. After 48 hours  your consultation fee is non - transferable.

  • Puppy photos are updated at 5 and 7 weeks of age.

  • We understand that our puppies are a significant investment. However, there are substantial costs associated with raising a litter of high quality Doodles from fully health tested parents. The value of this health testing is passed on to the adopting family because there is a much lower risk of health issues in the offspring. We strive to produce puppies that will live a long, happy and healthy life with their owners.


All of our Moms and Dads are health tested according to the breeding standards or equivalent to. 

These tests include:

•OFA - Hips and Elbows 

•OFA - Patella

• OFA - Cardiac

• Disease - through Paw print & Embark

•Improper Coat

​All of our testing is available to view on the mom's and dad's page of our website.

Non - Breeding & Spay / Neuter Contract: 

Our puppies are sold on a strict Non - Breeding & Spay/Neuter Contract. This will be signed before puppies go home. If there is a breach, you're health guarantee will be void.

Health Guarantee:

Our puppies come with a 2 yr. health guarantee for any genetic illnesses. This guarantee can be extended to 3 years if they continue to stay on TLC. 

My puppies are on TLC, Whole Life Dog Food by the time they are 3.5 weeks old, which is blended with goats milk in the beginning and then once their teeth come in, there given dry. TLC Whole Life Dog food allows puppies to grow at their normal rate, which is essential to form sound hips and joints rather than high calorie puppy foods which have been proven to be one of the causes of hip dysplasia or make an existing problem worse.

I stand behind all my puppies and it is for this reason that I can offer a guarantee. I try to do the best that I can by my puppies, and that is why all of my adult dogs are thoroughly tested for common genetic problems before entering my breeding program. Not only do I want my dogs to live a long and happy life, but I also want the owners of my puppies to experience the same joy that I have in dog ownership. My dogs are my pets first and foremost.

After purchasing quality breeding parents for our program, our work was not finished. We then need to do various health testing to ensure that we were going to be producing healthy offspring. If it happens that our “future” parent fails his or hers health testing - and sometimes happens, we then place that pup into a pet home. 


The value of this health testing is passed on to the adopting family because there is a much lower risk of health issues in the offspring. We strive to produce puppies that will live a long, happy and healthy life with their owners.


~ Our Contract & Health Guarantee written for the protection of both the breeder and the buyer - However, it is primarily written to protect the health and general well being of the puppy. 

Thank you for potentially deciding to purchase one of our puppies. We want to make this a stress free enjoyable experience for you. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns that you might have along the way.

If you're interested in an Elm Tree Doodle please read through this page prior to completing the Puppy Application