Girls are now 5 weeks old!


A breeding program is basically a forever home for breeding girls or boys.

We would place either a male or female dog (not spayed/neutered) into your home and retain breeding rights.

When the dog is old enough and health tested she will be part of our breeding program for a select number of litters. This requires that she spends some time with us at our home during the breeding process. 

A guardian dog will come back to us to whelp a litter of puppies. Once the litter has been whelped and she has raised her puppies, she'll then return to the guardian family's home. We strongly believe that all of our breeding dogs should be apart of a loving, forever family. Their well-being is a top priority for us, and our guardian program is designed to enhance the lives of our breeding dogs. 

Becoming a guardian home gives the opportunity to have one of our top notch "Pick Of The Litter" puppies as a family pet. 

Our program offers responsible and fabulous families who live no more then 90 minutes from the (Simcoe) Norfolk County area the opportunity to take home an intact puppy that we select from one of our litters. This puppy lives with you as part of your family, and receives socialization, training, love and care.

After the contract has been fulfilled, the guardian dog will then be spayed/neutered and ownership is fully transferred over to the guardian family.

How many litters will my dog have?

The maximum number of litters we expect from our Mommas is 5, this takes place between the age of 14 months and 6 years. You'll need to inform us whenever she goes into heat. When we decide to breed her, we may need to keep her for 4 to 5 days for breeding purposes. She will come to us again about 5 days prior to the puppies are due and stay with us until the puppies are weaned at around 5 - 6 weeks of age. We'll let you know well in advance what our breeding plans are for the prospective Mammas.

Males may be in our guardian program until the age of 7.


Under this kind of arrangement, expenses related to day-to-day care of the dog are guardians responsibility (food, annual vaccinations, general health care, toys, etc). Any expenses related to health testing for breeding purposes, breeding, whelping, and care of the puppies is our responsibility.

Guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for an Elm Tree Doodles throughout there breeding career. 

Once the dog has completed its time as part of our breeding program, I we will then spay the dog and sign full ownership over to the guardian!

Before entering a guardian program arrangement, we sign a contract with you

outlining all of the details and timelines, so everyone knows what to expect. 

It's important to us that our guardian program families understand

the responsibility of raising a future breeding dog, and that they are happy to communicate regularly with us and work together. Our guardian families are chosen with great care and attention. 

We do prefer that there is a stay at home parent, home office.

 However that is just a preference. If you are not sure if your family qualifies, please contact us and we will get back to you asap!


Guardian Application