What should I Feed My Puppy?

Goldendoodle Breeder





As a quality breeder, one of our highest priorities is the health of our dogs and puppies. To ensure you receive a happy and healthy puppy, we feed and recommend only high quality premium dog food.


The puppy should be fed All Stage TLC - Not puppy formula. All of our puppies have been fed this since it first started eating solids and any change in diet will surely bring on severe cases of diarrhea. Diet is extremely important in the growing months of a dog’s life.

All of our puppies, adult dogs, and guardian dogs eat this food. We highly recommend staying with this food.




*   Meat-first, ancestral based formula sold to North American pet owners since 1994.
*   Made with wholesome Canadian ingredients and biologically beneficial protein sources, TLC has a taste your pup will love and nutrition you can trust.
*   TLC Pet Food is made fresh and delivered for FREE right to your door. 
*   Schedule your FREE deliveries according to your pet's individual eating habits using Autoship.
*   Never worry about running out of pet food, change, adjust or cancel anytime!

Feeding: Feed on a schedule, giving 15-20 minutes maximum to clean up all food. Then remove what is left until next feeding time. Reason - Leaders control food. To carry this further, if you eat your own meals within 30 minutes of when you feed the dog, make sure that the family eats first (leaders eat first)


Doodle puppies can be finicky eaters. Their caloric output is usually quite high and yet they do not "wolf down" their food like so many other breeds. Puppies should be fed regularly  2-3 times daily until they are 6 months old.  At 6 months old, they can be moved to free feeding as recommended by your veterinarian.  They love the routine, the preparation in the kitchen (even for dry food).  Get in the habit of bringing their food bowl to the location you keep their food and filling it.  They will be with you every step of the way.


Its best to continue to feed your new puppy an all life stages food – meaning same formula from puppy to adult and to senior. The ‘old’ way of thinking is to feed a puppy formula, then an adult formula etc. Puppy formulas are generally too high in protein and fat, causing your puppy to grow faster. This is harmful to their bones/joints. It is better for your dog to be a ‘slow grower’ and allows puppies to grow at their normal rate, which is essential to form sound hips and joints rather than high calorie puppy foods which have been proven to be one of the causes of hip dysplasia or make an existing problem worse. This formula is 26% protein and 16% fat which is more than adequate for puppy growth and also for maintenance of adult dogs. Also, this is a Canadian product produced in Elmira and distributed from their warehouse in New Hamburg, ON. They have been producing pet foods for the past 25 years and have NEVER had a recall. This is a high quality product that I endorse 100% and all of my dogs, adults and puppy alike, are on it.


Table foods are not recommended. Because they are generally very tasty, dogs will often begin to hold out for these and not eat their well-balanced dog food. If you choose to give your puppy table food, be sure that at lest 90% of its diet is good quality commercial puppy food.